Wednesday, 22 May 2013

The joy of cooking and baking

I am a 30 year old very young woman :) who recently moved from Jakarta, Indonesia to Melbourne, Australia in January 2013. Why did I migrate to Australia? Well, I got married to an amazing man who is an Australian citizen who has been living here for over 11 years. Indonesia is a great country but I have heard some pretty incredible things about Aussie as well. Here I am now, a resident, still under temporary partner visa subclass 309. ok! Enough about the boring part!

Been here for about 4 months and I haven't been lucky enough to get a job. Beats me why, anyway, I am making the most of my free time. I try my best to explore Melbourne and do what I never had the time to do back home when I was happily being pampered by my awesome Mum and her delightful rich home cooked meals. I have been COOKING and doing lots of BAKING. Mum taught me the basics and the how-tos. However, thanks to work and uni, the last few years I was in Jakarta, I was too busy and didn't bother entering the kitchen. Now that I'm free, besides doing some house chores, (for the record, Melbourne houses don't get as dusty or dirty as Jakarta houses do), I get into the kitchen and put my chef's hat and apron on and do stuff.

Ok! ok! I am not an expert or anything, but I can tell you that..... experimenting takes you places and makes you accomplish the most awesome things. Even Edison tried a gazillion times before he nailed getting that bulb ON!

I gotta admit that I use many resources : Mum's good ol' recipes, google search, YouTube and more!!!
I just love cooking and baking. It completely takes my mind off many things. I am captured by the different colours, textures and aroma that fills my kitchen when I get busy in it. I really really enjoy it. Cooking is an art and every artist has a different way of expressing themselves. And the best part is when the man you love enjoys your food. My dearest darling husband is not a fussy eater but he is also very truthful. If there is something he doesn't seem to like about my food, he tells me. And when I listen to those who eat my food, I honestly turn into a better cook. One of the ways to man's heart is definitely through food...especially when it comes to my foodie hubby and my home cooked food.

Let me finish off by showing you peeps some photos of my food!


  1. awesome!awesome!awesome! keep adding stuff in. cant wait to taste some of this on the weekend!

    1. Thanks Ajay :)
      Will write more soon. Not just about food ya!!

  2. Well Done... They Look Fabulous.. Am Proud of You!!! :D

    1. You are one of the people who inspired and supported. Thanks and keep up your great work as well.