Friday, 17 January 2014

Little things that made my European honeymoon amazing

A lot of people often ask me, "why do you love Europe so much?" 

Well, although I spent a mere couple of days in all the European cities I visited, I can definitely perceive Europe to be gorgeous.

We all know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Beauty is very much subjective. It all depends on your taste and preference.

I'm mainly fond of the cities I visited in Europe because of a few things.

First of all, they have a unique identity. Each of them authentic in their own way, 

The architecture - the way they build and the way they preserve their buildings from long ago is pretty remarkable 

The unique culture - whether it be legal marijuana in Amsterdam, Siesta in Barcelona, Bull fighting and Flamenco in Madrid, gondolas, limoncello and cicchettis in Venice, as well as a variety of art forms in every other city, it has most definitely captured my heart.

As much as I fancy admiring city skylines and urban metropolitans, nothing takes my breath away more than these fabulous experiences :

A walk in front of Amsterdam central station entertained by the most amazing street musicians you can imagine accompanied by the pleasant harmony of chirping birds.

A stroll down the alleys of all the cities of Cinque Terre, observing the simple yet rich lives of the local.

A ride in the old subway systems that prove to be very reliable most of the time.

Gazing at vintage buildings all around me. An art form on its own wherever you go.

Entering a church/cathedral just because everything in it is crafted so beautifully.

Trying exotic cuisines which has a distinct taste like no other (though I tend not to be too adventurous)

Blown away by the passionate moves of a Flamenco dancer. It's like nothing you've ever seen before.

Stunned by the one-of-a-kind water city. Though to some, it may be unappealing and full of moss, to me it's absolutely something different, something that stands out amongst all the other cities in the world. Sure, many have constructed replicas which are considered more beautiful. But for me, beauty is authenticity. Beauty is original. Beauty is having your own identity, and that's what I found in this water city.

More than these experiences, I also really enjoy meeting or having a chat with the locals. We came across amazing people who made our trip so much more memorable.

The chilled wax museum staff who had the time and was eager to start a conversation with Sid and I, then telling us about the best pancake house in Amsterdam.

The friendly and extremely helpful waiter at La Pepita in Barcelona who made a great impression on us. A very genuine service.

Daniel, the chef of Tapeo in Barcelona who presented us with one of the best Tapas in the whole world, yet was very modest and eager to come out of the kitchen to have a chat.

Gabriel, amazing guy at Alfredo's Pasta in Venice. He was so full of life. He was very excited to know that Sid and I were on our honeymoon. He celebrated that fact by giving us two glasses of montepulciano (local wine) on the house. He seemed genuinely happy to see us. He had just enough sense of pride and confidence in the food served but was always very respectful and pleasant to all his customers. 

Warm, pleasant encounters with locals were a major wow factor in our trip to Europe.

I guess it was everything combined. We were in bliss after a great wedding, we were on our HONEYMOON, we were in new places every few days, we were pampered by the beauties of each city, we were blessed to meet locals who welcomed us with cheery hearts, so it's not that hard to say that, "I LOVE EUROPE"

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